Kalyan Weekly Open

Kalyan Weekly Open


Individuals were so content with the return of the game, that the furor for Matka, was twice as much as in the past.



Ratan Khatri accomplished such a great deal for the Matka business, that he was then called the Matka King of the business!


Because of his sheer endeavors, only he for liable for getting immense income to the Matka business.


Was he answerable for this, however, because of his liberality and thoughtfulness,


he additionally helped many individuals needing money related guide! He was consistently there for individuals and along these lines, he was loved a great deal.


Ratan Khatri is viewed as the pioneer of the betting/wagering development in India.



Satta Matka is viewed as the most effortless betting round of all the others.


Because of it’s simple and bother free nature, Satta Matka favored by many individuals.


While many show their inclinations in Satta Matka, they’re likewise inquisitive to realize how to succeed at it.



THIS WEEK   11-05-2020 TO 16-05-2020

–SINGLE OPEN   [    8   ]

SUPPORT OPEN   [   7   ]


THIS WEEK   16-03-2020 TO 21-03-2020

–SINGLE OPEN   [    8   ]

SUPPORT OPEN   [   6   ]

THIS WEEK   09-03-2020 TO 14-03-2020

–SINGLE OPEN   [    6   ]

SUPPORT OPEN   [   6   ]

THIS WEEK   02-03-2020 TO 07-03-2020

–SINGLE OPEN   [    3   ]

SUPPORT OPEN   [   8   ]

THIS WEEK 24-02-2020 TO 29-02-2020

–SINGLE OPEN   [    2   ]

SUPPORT OPEN   [   7   ]